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6. What is the trial period or return period associated with the hearing aid purchase?Any Reliable location that offers hearing aids will offer a trial period of at least 30 days, with a limited non-refundable portion of the hearing aid purchase. 7. How long should my hearing aid last? Hearing aids should be usable for a good 5 years. Perhaps a wearer will want to replace them sooner than every 5 years, and some patients will wear their hearing aids longer than 5 years. We advise patients to expect 5 years out of their hearing aids. Places that recommend you replace them every 3 years should be looked at with a healthy degree of skepticism.

8. For how many years will this hearing aid be repairable if something were to go wrong? Hearing aids can almost always be repaired. Some places that sell hearing aids will not repair hearing aids once the device is over 5 years old. They will tell patients the hearing aids can no longer be repaired. That is not true. Some manufacturers may no longer support a hearing aid for repairs, however, there are outside labs and 'all-make' repair options.

9. Can the hearing aid being recommended integrate with other technology that I use in my day to day life? Most of the hearing aids that we recommend offer connectivity options. Some connect directly with devices such as iPhones and iPads. Some require intermediary devices to connect to other technology devices. However, virtually all of the hearing aids we offer have connectivity options.

10. Are more than 1 manufacturer of hearing aids offered here? Yes, we work with many of the major manufacturers. We work mostly with GN Resound and Oticon, but we also work with Phonak, Widex, Unitron, and others when necessary.

11. Are you an independent practice or are you owned by another entity? We are fully independent. Our owners are all audiologist in the practice.

12. How long have you been in practice? The Hearing Center was opened in 1986 by Dr. Judith Sandler and Dr. Meredith Rothenberg. In 2010 Dr. Eric Sandler became a parter.

13. How can I communicate with my provider if I have a problem. We offer communication via phone and email. Patients are welcome to contact us on off hours via email so that questions can be answer and problems can be addressed when office hours are not in session. We strive to offer access for our patients so that we may provide service unparalleled at any other practice.

14. Why is there such a price range when it comes to hearing aids? There is a wide variation in hearing aid technology as well as features and bells and whistles. Not every patient requires the most advanced hearing aids, and not every patient is well served with less expensive hearing aids. A decision as to what hearing aids are most appropriate for you is determined via a needs-based assessment.