Answers to the most important Questions!

These are the answers to these questions that you would receive in our Clinics: 1. What is the cost of the device and what is included with this cost?

A. It depends upon the technology level. We look to match the technology to the patient's lifestyle. The more active the person, the more likely they are to see increased value in more expensive technology. We Currently offer 5 price tiers of hearing aid technology.

2. How many years of service, how many office visits are included with the hearing aid purchase?

A. We offer cleaning and hearing aid checks for the life of the hearing aid at no charge and we do not limit office visits.

3. Are there costs for replacement parts (domes, receivers, filters, etc)?

We do not charge for domes. In warranty, filters and receivers are covered as well.

4. Will I be able to see the same provider at each visit or the same team of providers, or is staff constantly shuffled?

Patients are welcome to request the same provider for each visit.

5. Are hearing aid fittings verified with Real Ear Measurements?

Yes, we do offer real ear measurements at all of our offices for all of our hearing aid fittings

Keep an eye out for the answers to the rest of the questions you should be asking of your Hearing Health care provider.