The Hearing Center is in the news!

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  Many of our satisfied patients know us as the best place for all of your audiology needs, including hearing aids and audiological exams, but did you know that The Hearing Center is also a leader in community outreach and education?

Check it out, from our latest press release which was picked up on Yahoo News, Reuters, the International Business Times and dozens of other huge media sites! Even the Boston Globe is running our story!


New Jersey audiology practice The Hearing Center now offers free community education courses on communication-enhancing skills for those experiencing hearing loss.

"Many patients do not have a great understanding of hearing loss," said Dr. Eric Sandler, director of audiology at The Hearing Center. "Hearing loss affects you in different listening environments, so [we teach] different strategies to compensate for how the hearing loss affects them."

Aural rehabilitation classes cover strategies that enhance communication, including lip-reading and handling stressful listening environments.

According to audiologist Dr. Anne Michele Puglisi, class facilitator and aural rehabilitation specialist with the center, group settings are useful ways to learn how to cope with reduced hearing capabilities.

"The class is a perfect time for [attendees] to share thoughts or to ask questions about hearing loss," Puglisi said. "Classes give patients the opportunity to learn more about strategies they can use to improve communication.

Attendees learn how to use visual cues to improve understanding. We practice techniques using real-life situations and language. We even review technology that can complement their hearing aids in challenging listening environments."

The free aural rehabilitation class begins on Oct. 7 at 1:15 p.m. at The Hearing Center's Manalapan offices, 224 Taylors Mills Road. Additional sessions will take place at the same time and location on October 14th and 21st. Reservations are required and space is limited; call (732) 462-8412 to reserve.

For the full story including more quotes from our staff check out the release here!

And remember to make your reservations if you'd like to attend a class. You can give us a call or reach out via our contact form by clicking here.